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After having it take a few days to just place my order-[maybe because of the holidays] my husband finally got through to place my Christmas present order. I took my measurements at least 10 times so I hope the fit will be perfect. I finally took the plunge and decided on this after also having very long hair- My hair was damaged several years ago as I finaly went to an "ethnic" salon and let them do my hair...I have mixed hair, and they permed it and the length and texture has never been the same. As a former model, I have tried all kinds of weaves, wigs and products to have beautiful hair and it is very time consuming and tiring. It will be a God send to not have to worry about quality, looking for a good stylist, etc to have beautiful hair again. I was nervous about ordering something sight unseen from the internet, but because of reading all of the other testimonials over and over again, and talking to the rep over the phone I decided to try it - since my hubby is paying... I figured what have I to lose... Well, I just marked of my calendar for the eighth week mark and will make an appt. for the CSW location do my initial placement I will take before and after pics for others to see. Thank you to those that have left testimonials. You helped me in my decision. God Bless to all and be safe and Blessed in this holiday season!
Fort Lauderdale,Florida
when I take pictures with my new wig, the scalp is so realistic and natural!! I receive compliments all the time and have ladies ask me if this was my real hair!! I am in love with this wig and I will purchase another one, but this time curly! I have to give a big thanks to Jessica for putting up with e-mails and you were kind enough to reply back to all of them. Once again, Thank You very much!!

You will NOT be disappointed!
I came across this site by accident and once I started viewing the customer photos and reading the testimonials, I was convinced that I had to have one of these wigs for myself. It took about three weeks of repeated visits to the site before I finally got up the courage to place an order. Once I was ready, though, I placed my order (making one slight change within the allowed time period) and anxiously awaited its arrival. Surprisingly, my unit arrived after just five weeks! I was almost afraid to open the package because I thought "what if the wig isn't as nice as everyone says, and I've wasted my money?" Well, ladies, I had absolutely NOTHING to be worried about and this is why you are reading MY testimony today! The hair (I ordered the straight texture) is amazingly silky, soft, and NATURAL feeling. The unit has been put together SO well that it seems impossibly realistic. While my measurements had not been exactly on point (thus my unit is a little too small), I was still able to make it work by just securing it at the front and back hairlines only. I have been wearing it for two months now and am STILL getting daily hair compliments from friends, family, and strangers alike. I had worn braids for the past two years and people who know me seem to ASSUME that I've taken my braids out and that the unit is my own natural hair. When I tell them that it's not, they simply can not believe it. Needless to say, I've begun to graciously accept the compliments WITHOUT giving an explanation. LOL! Anyway, because my first try at this netted me a unit that's a little too small (my ear-to-ear measurement was off), and my choice of color turned out to be darker than I had intended, I placed an order for a second unit within a week or so of receiving my first one. If I'm lucky it too will arrive within only 5 weeks. I have also placed an order for several of the adhesives in an effort to find the one that works best for me. Ladies, if you are on the fence about purchasing a unit from CSW, please get off right now. In this case, you will find that "the grass truly is greener on the other side." You will NOT be disappointed! And if you're reading any of these testimonials and thinking "they must be paying those women to say those things" you'd be right--CSW has "paid" us by creating one of THEE BEST WIGS I have ever seen or worn in my life, and I'm sure that my first two orders will by no means be my last. It has truly been money well-spent! Lia Washington, D.C.

Flawlesly Beautiful
I waited impatiently for my piece & now I have it oh my gosh. Fabulous is ALL I can say lol. This thing will make any woman with the right one fell real good about herself. Need a boost get you head sized and get a custom piece done and work it Mama!

No one knows the troubles I've seen...They always said, “A women’s hair is her crown.” I really didn’t understand this comment until I lost all my hair due to chemo from cancer treatment. Finding a wig was by biggest challenge…… Your website was my saver. No one knew I lost my hair because of the nature feel and texture. I would recommend your site to anyone undergoing cancer treatment
Hallelujah! It's here!
Wow! I cant believe it only took two days for my in stock wig to arrive and let me tell you folks it is BEAUTIFUL! Now I just have to master putting it on with the adhesive...uuuggggh! Not too easy the first try but getting easier as I follow the instructions. Does anyone know what adhesive to use that doesnt dry shiny? I used the No-Tape and it is shiny. How is the ORWG? Does that dry to a matte finish?
LaToya A
Waiting on my Blessing!!
Ladies what can I say. I have been waiting on my unit for about 4 wks now and I like a lot of you I come to the site to view the unit I ordered, check the status, even check my email to see if it has been shipped out yet. My salon I go to is waiting on stand by to layer my 26". I am so excited about this unit, I even vowed not to go out to the club with friends until it gets here. I love the comments that others have left on the site. It gives me comfort in knowing that it was money well spent. I ordered mines at the end of nov. so i still have time to go pass. but I am praying it gets here soon. A lot of comments stated that " this would be the longest 6-8 wks ever. I agree!! It is almost like I am a stalker to!! Congrats to all the ladies that have there units, and all the ones waiting know that someone else is waiting as well. Good luck with your units and I will post a comment on mines when it gets here.
Just ordered second wig
I received my unit in about six weeks from my order date. I needed to make a couple of changes when I order my first unit. Your customer service responded very fast to my questions and concerns. When I finally received my first unit, I could not be more impressed! The quality is outstanding. I am a VERY satified customer! Will order a third and forth. :) Keep up the great work !
My Wig is Great
I just received my second wig and want to tell you that it is great. I wore it on vacation and visited a salon to have it cut. The stylist thought it was beautiful..I agreed. I may be ordering a third in the near future. Thanks ctw.
I got my wig the day before yesterday and put it on today!!!!!! I have sent pics of my new look from Texas to FL, showing my family the results. Now I am going to help my mom and two sisters get them one! These wigs are too beautiful not to share with other women you love! And my husband...thru the roof amazed!!!! Taking more pics today, CSW will get them very soon! Special thanks to Jessica! We need more people like you in this world to make another customer have an over-the-top day!
im still anxious. :-)
i am going into my 7th week of anticipation, so i check back EVERY SINGLE day just to read the testimonials and look at the pictures. I am soooo excited to receive my piece. I know it will be perfect.
Melissa k

I got my unit In June of 07 and I love it but I can't seem to attach it right it always seem to come loose I don't know if I am using to much or to little glue if someone have some tips please post them I have had my unit for 7 months and have put it on maybe 3 times i am very frustrated. ~~Hi Melissa: Try using the Ultra Hold along with the tape strips for a better hold. You can purchase the tape strips in our store and cut then thinner so they are not so wide. Attach them to your skin first. Then apply the Ultra Hold on top of them allowing the UH to dry for 25 minutes and then press your lace down on top. That should give you a more secure hold. You can also always open a support ticket for further assistance. CSW Staff
To Latondra in Midland, GA
I'm no pro, but I used some water-based glue, and it didn't leave my edges shiny...but I wouldn't suggest using that kind of glue for extended wears! You could call Jessica at the store number, and she can give you more substantial advise about glues!
Brooklyn,New York
Free from the Salon
I received my unit in December just in time for the holidays. I have received so many double takes, compliments it was unbelieveable. I always stayed away from long hair so this was truly an adjustment for me. Everyone tells me I took at least ten years off with my new unit. Due to my outcome I am in the processing of ordering my second. Keep up the good work because you are truly making people smile, heads turn and most of all restoring hope when I taught all hope was gone. Bajan Girl Brooklyn, NY
So Anxious!♥
I ordered my wig on December 16th...I'm so anxious to receive it. I've been doing research on this web sight 6 months before I decided to order one. I can't wait until it gets here... I'll write back when it comes...
I Love my Wig
I ordered my wig last year and I love it! You have great customer support, Jessica you are very professional! I want to order my second wig but I have forgotten my measurements Jessica do you keep record of that or do I need to remeasure? Note: We have them on file - just open a support ticket to request them.
I can´t wait
Hai ladies, I am from Holland. I saw the units on this site and i was in love. I never saw a lace front for real. But i can´t wait to get the wig. I place my order at the first of januari (new year, new hair, haha).
Love my WIG
I live in the United kingdom.. my daughter told me about [csw] I cannot stress enough how happy I am with my wig and the quality of it...... ladies it is worth it.once you put it on it's an instant makeover [GLAMOROUS] LOVE IT.I am not one of those people who beats around the bush if [CSW] WAS CRAP .I would say.. am not going to go on too much.. just try it Ladies.. Instant glamorous makeover[without the tracks] [CSW]is superb and proper quality.. feels like your own looks like your own [yes ladies my hair is beautiful CSW.. IS PROPER ....
Fayetteville,North Carolina

Okay! I finally did it, I've placed my order after a whole week of searching the web but still eyeing this particular piece here at CSW. I've never been more nervous about ordering something in my life and my hands are still sweating; the good news is that I've read just about every testimonial here and I'm allowing myself to believe what's in my ladies have to know what you're talking about and knowing that quality is as hard to find as a good man, knowing this is universal. I will begin marking down the calendar and visit ever so often to soak in support from everyones experiences. I Can't wait to see it, I just hope as a rookie at this I can apply it properly.....we'll see, wish me good luck!!
Wilson,North Carolina
I love this site
Due to the fact that dont have any hair at all due to alopice, full lace wigs is a blessing. it makes you feel like your back to your old self but even more beauitful.Im waiting for my wig to come. Im so excited i cant wait.I went to the hair store where i live and i seen a full lace wigs for the first time so i tryed it on. And i fell in love with it, so i came home and did some research on it and it led me to this site. I told my husband about it then i showed him what it look like and wee both was happy. I just cant wait to get it so i can feel like me when i did have hair this site is a true blessing.I couldnt ask for anything else, thats all i wanted for christmas was some hair that i can call my own.

I got mine wig in the mail yesterday and i attached it it was fairly easy if i can do it anyone can:)it looks great and the hair is so soft and it looks so real thanks csw
Aliso Viejo,California
I recieved the "Halle Berry" hairpiece and it is beautiful although I did expect it to be is wavy and it is medium density...and alot of hair. I' am also having a bit of problem with the bonding materials...I have the Sensibond (I think it is like Crazy Glue and don't know how the solvent will work with the removal of the piece) and also the Mitty glue and I tried the Ultra is a sticky remove. So does anyone have a suggestion I will be applying this directly to my skin with a layer of protector will the solvent work with the Sensibond? but other than that it looked fabulous!!!!! My husband and family are amazed...we are going to shock our friends and contacts...Oh happy day! CSW Response: Hi Bobbie: If you go to the page with the Sensibond, full instructions are there on how to attach and remove the glue. Please do not put the sensibond directly on your skin as it is very strong and should be painted on top of tape strips first. Also, you will need the sensibond remover to remove the glue from your unit. The C-22 does not remove it as it is a hard bond glue. Any other questions, please call our main office which phone number can be found on the contact us page.

I have been reviewing the site for months and finally decided to go out on the limb and order a instock wig. I received it on Friday, and I love it. Just one small problem, I can't seem to keep the back of the wigs secure. I'm still thanking God for celebrity style wigs for creating such a lovely unit.

Today I ordered one of the IN Stock wigs after about 2 months of reviewing the site. I can't wait for it to come! I hope it what everyone says it is. I will check back in once it comes ( hopefully before Friday!)
When when when
I can´t wait to see and feel my unit. I order my lf at the first of january. Hope it arrive very soon
Citrus Heights,CA
My Order Status Change Yessssssssssss.....
I order my first unit ever... it's suppose to get to me on feb 5....I am soooooo excited...I would like to give thumbbbbbbs-up to CSW for handling business very professional. I will be a life time customer...Thank u so much.
First TIme Ordering
I just finished my order and paid for it today. i cant wait they said they are going to start creating the unit. This will be like a new beginning for me, a new way to build self confidence and to prosper in things that i couldn't do before.I'm gonna mark my calendar today!!
My Mum loves it.............
Hi everyone! I just received my unit i bought for my mum. And oh my goodness it is so beautiful and easy to put on. she loves it and looks very glamorous in it. Thanks CSW for that. i will soon be purchasing one for my self. Can't wait.
LaToya A
Loving It
I got my wig about a month ago. And let me tell you ladies it is one of a kind. I got the long 26" hair. jet black. It is custom cut and i love my wig. No one can tell that it is not my hair, but those who do question it. When i tell them where i got it from and the cost. They all say " it is worth it" I say the same. If you are questioning if this is the product for you.. all I have to say is DON'T!! I think alll would agree on one thing.. it was the longest 6wks of our lives. lol. Stay blessed.
south croydon,london
lola williams
i am waiting for my wig and i am very excited.
I ordered my first wig a few days ago. I am very excited and can't wait to receive for my birthday in May!
This was the best purchase I ever made. This looks and feel like my real hair. I've been bald for about 5 years thanks for giving me self pride again.
Bronx,New York
Absolutely the Best
Ladies, I recently ordered my in stock curly Latoya inspired lace front wig and i must say i have ordered from other websites in the past and i have never been this pleased. The hair quality is awesome. Full, Curly , Long and very natural looking. I love it! I am completely dedicated to this website and i will be a loyal customer. The others don't compare. Thank you CSW
Cant Wait
I just ordered my wig and cant wait to recieve it. but i have been hearing alot of problems where it doesnt hold in the nape area, also im confused on what adhesive will work best for me. im sure that i will still love my wig jus got to go through alot of trial and error. Thanks alot CSW..... Staff Note: If anyone is having trouble with your nape - purchase the super tape and endurabond. Line your unit with the super tape. Put a thin layer of endura bond on your nape - you only need a little bit - this stuff is strong:) If you think it may irritate your skin - then put another layer of tape stripes on your skin. Use a tooth pick to apply the endura bond. For removal, if you are having trouble removing - use 100% Acetone to soak the lace in, clean glue off then wash immediately. Hope that helps.
mpls,mpls mn

hi am just wanted everyone to know it took me a long time to make up my mind about csw but i did it order one just waiting right now read much as i can about orders seem like everybody love there lace wigs the waiting is to long cant stop thinking about it i know i will be happyyyy
Just Gorgeous
My daughter suffers from Alopecia and all of her hair has completely fell out. She's three years old and she loves wearing mommie's wig.LoL! I found this web site and was absolutely thrilled that they even did lace wigs for kids and I was all over it. I was going to buy her a regular kid wig but it was synthetic and cost 250.00 and of course you can't do different hair styles with it. Jennifer and Celebrity Style Wigs made my daughter the happiest she's ever been. Her wig is just gorgeous on her and she feels" Normal" again. Thank you soooooooo much. I can't begin to tell you guys how happy our entire family is. They are definitely worth the wait! Thank you so much Celebrity Style Wigs!!!!
Country Club Hills,IL
I odered my unit feb. 21st. I still have a few weeks to go. I am so excited that its making it difficult for me to wait. I am reading all of the testimonials, checking my e-mail for a delivery date and waiting. Once I receive my unit you will be hearing from me again.
warner robins,georgia
Had a hard time at first, loving my wig NOW!
I was very excited when I first recieved my wig. At first I had difficulties putting it on. I would advise anyone to get the DVD to put the wig on properly. Besides that my wig is on and I am loving every minute of it. I would also advise anyone that's thinking about getting one these wigs not to get that sprint gum glue it doesn't hold well,Ive been having a very hard time with that glue. Enjoy Staff Note: Also try our new Endura Bond Kit - Incredible Hold!
I was kicking around the ideal of buying a lace wig for months. I have very thin hair due to chemical abuse and down right laziness when taking care of my hair. When I was younger I had very thick, long hair and now it's short and very thin. So I purchased a unit and I can't wait for it to get to me. I'm so excited!!!!

I waited about 5 weeks and the day my wig came I was ecstatic it is beautiful it fits perfectly and I am excited because I will be wearing this to mexico for spring break it is fabulous

I received my unit after six weeks and I can honestly say, I received my life back when my order came in the mail. I suffer from alopecia so I wear weave which makes the problem worst, I have worn wigs and just never felt comfortable. But this unit looks just my own hair. Not only can the unit be parted anywhere and look just like my scalp, the hair is so manageable and easy to care for. The day I put the unit on I went to my sister house and she was amazed, she couldn’t keep her hands out of my head. Needless to say she has already order her a unit. If there is a down side or regret after my purchase it would be: 1. I should have brought this unit sooner and 2. I should have order it to be 18” in length instead of 12”.
Michelle R.
Saint Joseph,Missouri
After looking at a few different places on line since October, I( My husband) finally placed my order Feb. 11 with CSW for Valentine's Day. I find myself checking the website to see if if I have my unit sent or not I can't wait, If there are any tips I would appreciate them I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas just a few more weeks :o)
Absolutely Beautiful
I just got my wig today..I am soooo very happy.It took almost 8 weeks but it was worth it. Just took weave out and put on my unit..It fit perfectly..and it looks so natural..needless to say i will be placing another order is worth every dollar..the hair is beautiful...I ordered 14 in yaki light and I am so pleased with how it looks..tommorrow I will tackle actually installing but I am sure I will be fine..the video and instructions seem to be very helpful.. the length seems longer than 14 in ...I will be placing another order very soon..
fort rucker,al
Can't Wait.....
Hello everyone I discoverd this website from a friend 6 months ago and I just orderd my first wig last week. Im upset with myself for waiting so long to place an order but I am so excited and cant wait until my unit arrives. Just like most of you I have been visiting this website twice a day everyday. Once my unit arrives you can count on me to post my pictures. Thanks CSW!!!
I just love it!!!
After 8 long weeks, I finally received my full lace wig and it's absolutley beautifly! It was well worth the wait. I ordered my first lace from another company and I was very unhappy with it but, I'm so happy now. Celebrity Style Wigs, you just got yourself a new customer. Your customer service is outstanding and my wig is beautifly. My husband and my co-workers love it. I can't wait to put in my next order!!!(smile)

I have reviewed all of the testimonial on this site and can't wait to receive my unit. I placed my order on March 8th and I am trying to be patient. However, after reading all of the testimonial, I am going to order an in stock unit, while I wait on my custom unit. My hair has been long, but thin all of my life. Last year I started wearing a wig, due to weave did not work due to my thin hair. I love wearing a wig, because it gives me the appearance of having think hair (plus it keeps my head warm in the winter). However, I hate having to put on my wig in a hurry when I answer the door, or take it off at night before I go to bed. With All the money I paid for wigs, this unit is going to be well worth the price. I am going to give away the unused wigs I have to anyone who wants them after I receive my unit.

MY 5TH LACE WIG!!!!lolololo
hi all, its me again hope that every client is enjoying their unit( s )as much as i am. this is the best website i've found online since i've gone into cyberspace. i simply love this hair and can't seem to get enough of it. thought celebrity was doing something wrong only to find out ,i had turned my 4th unit the wrong way when i reapplied it...lololol i even had the nerve to write Celebrity about it and as usual,they were so sweet and understanding with me. Celebrity i am so apologetic for MY mistake. well i'm on my 5th unit now this time i wanted the curly and will be posting after i get it attached. Keep up the awesome work Celebrity Styles. and yes,im as happy in Va as i can be God bless you all SEJones
Everything I prayed for
This is the best hair i have ever purchased. It is my third lacefront. it fit my head just right except by my ears but that was a minor adjustment. I have had it 3 weeks now. i dyed it a couple of shades lighter and the dye took perfect. I am so glad I found this web site and purchased this hair. I am absolutely beautiful. everyone is looking and cannot figure out what is going on. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful piece. I will be ordering my next one shortly. Loving it Helen Atlanta, GA.
I wanted to say that I LOVVVVE my celebrity lace wig. I get so many compliments on it. People think that it is my hair. I get to wear different styles and the color is great and very natural looking (1b) I have told all of my friends and family and will be a returning customer. Thanks Again Terie B.
I FINALLY GOT IT!!!! My "LeAsia" unit finally arrived and it is gorgeous. I hadn't anticipated that it would be such tight curls but that can be fixed with the noodle head prods. I love the texture and how freely the unit moves to be so curly. I love this one more than my "beyonce" straight unit. Thanks CSW. You have yourself a customer for life.
Bossier City,LA

I received my unit about 3 weeks ago. I love my unit. Last year, I ordered two units from another hair company. I wasted $1400. I'm going to order another unit soon. Thank-you celebrity style wigs.
CSW is the best:
I just ordered my third wig from CSW. I just love your wigs. The customer support is very professional. Jessica is the best. She responded to my concerns ASAP. I have researched several other lace front wig websites, but CSW is the best. I will be a customer for life. Oh, and thank you for the tip on using the Endura Bond and supertape/No Tape method. It works for me! For all you ladies who are not sure about ordering. Take my advise, it will be worth every dollar!!