Getting Started Guide

Lace Front Wig Customization Guide

Tips for Ordering a Lace Front Wig or any type of Lace Wig

Step 1:  First step is to learn all about the Lace Front Wigs and Lace Wigs and its benefits by reading our in-dept FAQ section and Help Tools section.  There is a wealth of information on these pages for newbies.

Step 2:  Educate Yourself by reading our Helpful Tool Guides below:

Step 3:  Measurements:  Whether you are ordering an in stock wig or a custom.  You should know your measurements so that you can either order a  custom cap or know which size cap to order for a in stock wig.  Learn how to take the measurements of your head-size.  Watch the How to Measure for Lace Wigs Video:  Click Here.

Step 4:  Choose the Lace Wig that suites your needs.  Choose from the following:

Custom Wigs:  Take 6-8 Weeks to be Designed: Shop Now - Click Here

In Stock Wigs: Ship within 1-2 Business Days:  Shop Now - Click Here

Inventory Stock Wigs:  Ship within 7-12 Business Days: Shop Now - Click Here

Step 5:  Choose your customization options for your wig.  Go back to the wig you wish to order and select your choices from the drop down boxes.

Selecting the Right Specifications for Your Options:

Pick Your Attachment Method:  Adhesive Glue or Tape is typically used to attach a lace wig.  However, you may order a glueless wig as well.  It is your preference.  Two popular glues are Endura Bond, Ultra Hold and Ghostbond XL.  Glues and Adhesives may be Selected by Clicking this Link.  If you need further assistance, call our toll free number above.

Knot My Problem Sealer is Recommended:  This product is required to maintain the tightness of the knots in your lace wig and helps to eliminate shedding.  Click this Link to Learn More.  

Baby Hair:  Most people add this to the outside perimeter area of the entire hairline.  View the Baby Hair.

Baby Hair Type: Most popular options are for just a straight smooth texture.

Bleaching of the Knots:  If ordering darker colors - the bleached knots is a most have option as it helps the wig look more natural.

Understanding Bleaching of the Knots?  Bleached knots is a technique where they bleach out the knot that is made when each piece of individual hair-strand is knotted within the lace wig cap at the scalp of the lace cap.  It bleaches the knot out, making it a little lighter so that it does not stand out as much.  It gives it a more natural appearance as though the hairs are growing out of the scalp.  This is recommended when you choice a dark hair color.

Cap Style Choices: The most popular cap style is the full lace wig because it can be worn in updos and high ponytails.  The lace front wig is also very popular and it has nape straps on the back.

Free Style Can Part Anywhere: Select Yes, that means you will be able to part your unit anywhere throughout the wig.

Hair Color:  Use the color chart by clicking here.  Also if you are unsure of the color or want to see the actual color - order the actual color ring by clicking here.

Hair Density: This is how thick or thin your want the hair throughout the wig to be.  Medium and Light to Medium are the most popular and natural densities.

Hair Length:  The hair length is from root to hair end.  So each strand will be the length that you select unless you ask us to layer the wig.

Hair Texture:  You can choice from straight, light yaki, yaki perm straight, kinky straight, wavy, and curly.  Click here to see the Hair Texture Chart to learn more.

Highlight Color Option:  We give our clients various options for coloring a custom lace wig such as adding highlights, low lights, or two tones.  Call our Wig Specialist if you require help with such features.

Lace Choice:  The French Lace is the most popular lace choice.  It is the most durable lace to choice from.  It is undetectable and will hold up over daily and long term removal of your unit.  The Swiss Lace is less durable and rips easier.  It is not recommended for beginners.

Lace Color Choices:  Click here to use the Lace Color Help Chart to help guide you in choosing your lace color.

Measurements:  Learn how to measure your head.  Watch the Video -  Click here.

Step 6: Once you decide on all your selections via our order page for any particular wig, you are now ready to check out.  Follow the steps on the site to put your wig into your shopping cart basket.

Step 7:  The on-screen buttons will guide you through checkout and then simply remit payment.  You will be notified via email to let you know that your order was received and that your payment was successful.

Step 8:  Wait to receive your wig.

We provide premium quality units, therefore this time frame is needed to ensure high quality.

For Premium Custom Wigs - it takes approximately 6 - 8  weeks.  Celebrity Style Wigs will customize a high quality lace wig with your measurements and customized features.

Once your wig ships, you will get a shipping notification via email with your tracking number.

Need Help:  If you get stuck along the way - please give us a call at 1-724-457-9447 or Toll Free 1-800-975-6950 or you may Contact us here and a Wig Specialist will respond to all of your questions and help you make the right choices.