Hair Texture Chart

Hair Texture Chart

You may opt for a customized full lace wig or choose a standard wig that is in mass production. Irrespective of your choice, you ought to know the various textures of hair used in full lace human hair wigs. Here is a quick hair texture chart that will give you an idea of the options you have at your discretion.


Straight hair is the simplest of all. It is completely natural and unprocessed hair texture. The hair and the laces are straight and you can choose them to be mildly silky or overly silky. Straight textured hair can be flat ironed, curled or rolled. When wet, straight hair has the tendency to wave up a little but that gets undone when the hair dries.


 Light Yaki

Light yaki is a combination of straight hair and yaki perm straight hair. It is a bit straighter and less dense than the yaki perm straight and is also slightly straighter.  It is described as a Fresh African American permed texture when you first get your perm.


Yaki Perm Straight

Yaki perm straight hair can be best described as what Oprah and Tyra Banks wears. It has an African American permed texture which can also be styled, hot curled or flat ironed.  It is best described as a perm after you've had it about 2-3 weeks.  It has a slightly thicker density then the Light Yaki.

Italian Yaki

Italian Yaki is in between Yaki Perm Straight and Kinky Straight.  It is unpermed African American hair but not as course as Kinky Straight.


Kinky Straight

Kinky straight is completely unpermed African American hair.  It is coarse.  It can be flat ironed and hot curled.  However, the hair has little crimps in it that will not fully be removed with straightening because it is meant to be worn natural.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Kind of Hair Used

The hair used in full lace wigs are sourced from one donor and is 100% Human Remy Hair. You can choose from an Indian Remy, Mongolian Remy, Asian Remy, Brazilian Remy, Malaysian Remy or European Remy. Furthermore, you can choose from various textures including straight, light yaki, yaki perm straight, italian yaki, kinky straight, curly and wavy.

What is Remy Hair

Remy hair can be best defined as completely natural hair obtained from a human donor and when the hair is obtained, it is not stripped of its cuticle. Remy hair is also known as virgin hair, cut hair or cuticle hair. In non-Remy hair, the cuticles are stripped. Since Remy hair contains the cuticles, they are stronger, look more natural and are also much softer than artificial or other natural wigs.

Which Types of Hair Wave Up When Wet

Only straight hair has a tendency of waving up when it is wet. No other textures have any such tendency or attribute.

Should Wavy or Curly Hair Texture be Hot Curled or Flat Ironed

Only natural hair should be flat ironed or hot curled. Wavy or curly hair texture in wigs is already processed to sport the wavy or curly looks. They need not and should not be curled or flat ironed any further.