Highlight Width Chart

Highlight Width Chart

Below is an example of what Thin Subtle Highlights look like and Wide Piano Highlights.  The Thin Subtle Highlights give a very natural appearance to your highlights.  The Wide Piano Highlights are more bold and stand out more.  They are about as wide as your finger. Two Tone Roots option will allow you to keep your root color the same as your base color and have your highlights start after the root color.  Otherwise, your highlight will start at the roots if you do not pick this option.

Other Highlighting Information

For custom wigs we can add highlights free of charge or equally blend two colors.  When choosing your highlights - The mix rate is the amount of highlighting you want done.  If you want highlights (streaks) then choice 70-30% highlights.  If you want 2 color equally blended to appear as one mixed color choice 50-50% Equally Blended.  However, please note that when choosing Equally Blended, the predominant color will be the lighter or brighter of the two colors - this is not highlighting.  Example: If you order #1B and #30 Equally Blended as One Mixed Color- your wig will appear to be a #30 as it will be the more predominant color.

If you are not sure what to order, please call 1-800-975-6950 to speak to our Wig Specialists for assistance.

Example of Thin Subtle Highlight without Two Tone Roots:


Example of Thin Subtle Highlights with Two Tone Roots:


Example of Wide Piano Highlights with 2 Tone Roots: